-This episode marks what was to become a reoccurring theme in a lot of future shows - some outside force trying to take over the air-waves or getting their broadcast signal crossed with ours...now that's wacky!
-"The Thing That Came Up With Lunch" was the first 16mm that I made while in film school at the University of Iowa.  Film?  Yeah, FILM- you remember, that plastic stuff with holes along the edges?  Eh, you kids these day and your digital recorders... Bah!  Anyway,  the assignment was to have two people interact in a situation.  So I grabbed two of my roommates, Tim Olson and Dave Goodrich and had them interact.  Oh the stupidity of it all.  We used a lot of grape jelly that afternoon.
-All the footage of Gus and Guy was taped outside on the roof of my apartment in downtown Moline.  We were eaten alive by insects that evening.  Nothing like hot lights to attract giant bugs.
Costumes Provided By: Circa 21 & The Showbusiness
Producer - Thomas Hart
Directors - Greg Baldwin, Thomas Hart, Laurie Snell
Writers - Thomas Hart, Brandon Lovested
Photographers - Greg Baldwin, Thomas Hart, Laurie Snell
Don Bargmann Jr.
John Bielefeldt
Patti Flaherty
David Goodrich
Jennifer Hanson
Thomas Hart
John Horvath
Brandon Lovested
Tim Miller
Merlin Nelson Jr.
Tim Olson
Sue Passe
James Peterson
Mary Sue Tilka
©Copyright 1987, 2006 Thomas Hart
Live on Tape (Show #4)
Airdate: July 25th 1987
MOVIE - “The Sentinel”
SYNOPSIS - This is a continuation of the previous week’s show.  After Gus Bimmel and Arnie Upshoe overloaded Guy Newswarthy with electricity to change his personality, they both lost their jobs.  And now Arnie Upshoe sits in the county jail for drugging Guy with methotyminide, and Gus has been fired.  Guy is on leave while he tries to recover.  E.J. has brought newsman Gareth Van Oester to sit in and run the show- but things go horribly wrong when Gus breaks into the broadcast with his own pirate transmitter.  To make matters worse, Gus has the brain-dead Guy with him.  It’s a battle for "Live on Tape" supremacy between the newsroom and Gus.  In an act of desperation E.J. has Arnie released from jail to help them stop Gus.
In the end, E.J., Arnie and Gareth are able to destroy Gus and save Guy, thus returning "Live on Tape" to pursue its mission of providing quality entertainment.
“Arnie, if you strike me down now, I shall become more powerful than even you can imagine!”
                                                                                                                                -Gus Bimmel
Mississippi River Rumble!
A mock commercial for a micro off-road event using tiny RC trucks and cars.  Oddly enough, we got actual calls at the station about this with people wanting to buy tickets.
(produced by Laurie Snell)
Bikini Babes in Bettendorf
Gus interrupts the movie with his own film, one featuring the best T&A the 80’s has to offer.
Gary Brandt, the station’s General Manager at the time and Patron Saint of “Live on Tape” was always pushing us to get scantily clad babes onto the program... um, a little tough in Iowa/Illinois particularly when we had no budget to pay anyone.  So we settled for clips pulled from other programs that we had.
Sport of the Week: Sport Biting
This week we feature the underground sport of biting.  Included are interviews as well as re-enactments and even accounts from victims of the game.
(produced by Greg Baldwin)
Doreen Flammerhab (Patti Flaherty) expresses her views against this vile pastime of “Sport Writing”--- only to learn she’s had it wrong the whole time, it’s BITING, not writing.
And so she bites Guy.
Great Conspiracies in Science #3
Dr. Alan Chadwick investigates magnetic fields directed through clothes hangers and their effects on different molecular combinations... namely, polyester.  He draws the brilliant conclusion that this “stored energy” in certain fabrics affects peoples moods... and or course that brown and blue do NOT go together.
The Thing That Came Up With Lunch!
Weirdness abounds when one unsuspecting guy learns that his roommate suffers from EVS-- Explosive Vomit Syndrome... but it’s only after the “spew” that the nightmare really begins.
Guy and Gus work their pirate transmitter
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