- This, as well as the previous couple of episodes spend a lot of time in the studio and remained very static.  Not many skits or cut away bits--- which makes the whole thing drag.  I was still searching for exactly how the pieces fit together for this show... that’s sort of a mock news show, but not... hosting bad horror movies but kinda’ not because I’d been, told by the general manager that he didn’t want Live on Tape to be a “horror host show”... so, we were still adrift in the ocean of local television at this point.  Land is still a buncha’ episodes away.
- This show greatly upset a lot of viewers.  Apparently they did not like us making fun of the PTL Club.  This was just before Jim Baker's downfall, perhaps we initiated it?  We also had several people call in to the TV station the night this show aired, thinking it was a real telethon!  Since this show had been taped several days earlier, they were out of luck.  Quad-Citians, they're wacky folks!
Costumes Provided By: Circa 21 & The Showbusiness
Producer - Thomas Hart
Directors - Greg Baldwin, Thomas Hart
Writers - Greg Baldwin, Thomas Hart, Brandon Lovested
Photographers - Greg Baldwin
Smoke F/X By - Will McCracken
Don Bargmann Jr.
Thomas Hart
Denise Hollmer
John Horvath
Brandon Lovested
Tim Miller
James Peterson
Polka Instructor for Mr. Upshoe: Fang, the tamer
Arnac the great’s voice - James Earl Jones
©Copyright 1987, 2006 Thomas Hart
Live on Tape (Show #6)
Airdate: August 8th, 1987
MOVIE - “Gold of the Amazon Women”
SYNOPSIS - This is a continuation of the previous week's show.  It's pretty involved so pay attention...Gareth Van Oester has absconded with Guy and is blackmailing Arnie Upshoe.  Arnie is stuck doing Gareth’s bidding.  Gareth holds the show hostage by threatening to contact the FCC about the mock telethon they had last week.
Arnie figures that the only way he’s going to free Guy and control Gareth is by studying hypnotism.  Arnie becomes the Great Arnac!  Meanwhile Gareth decides the show needs culture, he trashes the movie and opts for highlights from great Wagner operas.  Finally, Arnie succeeds in hypnotizing Gareth, Guy is free!  He tells Arnie that he was given divine instructions for them to continue their BTU Telethon.  If they don’t, Oral Roberts will kill them.
Arnac’s hypnotism eventually wears off on Gareth and he contacts Mr. Seddler T. Clamhash at the FCC.   Guy and Arnie take advantage of the fact that Gareth is wearing a Viking helmet and tout him as the devil - the very evil that the BTU Telethon is raising funds to battle.  Mr. Clamhash calls in, but not to prosecute, he wants to give a hefty donation.  For the first time Gareth realizes how much money Guy and Arnie are making, he joins in their efforts and willingly portrays the devil himself.  But something goes wrong!  Gareth begins to get into his role a little too much!  And THAT’S when things get weird.
    “You shall never sleep again.  I will burn through your dreams!”
                                    -Gareth Van Oester
Sport of the Week: Sport Biting UPDATE
This quick update brings everyone up to speed with the latest in this mastery of mandible maliciousness.  Yes, that is Truman Capote back in his “biting” days.
(produced by Greg Baldwin)
The Arnie Upshoe Polka!
Okay... not really a “polka” in the strict sense.  While changing chairs John got tangled up in his mic cable and ended up twisting and hopping around trying to get seated.  We let the cameras roll and I just added the music later.  You see?  The magic of television saves the day!
New Closing Credits!
After having accidentally erased the shows closing credit sequence, I was force to quickly put together a new credit montage.  Yeah, yeah, I know- how do you accidentally erase something as important as the closing credits?!... well, YOU work ‘round the clock and edit until the wee hours of the morning and find out!  Despite my grumbling at the time, the end result was worth it... at least I think so.
The many moods of Arnac!
Intestinal discomfort.
Gareth Van Oester makes his frightening exit from the show!  Ooo, smokey-smoke...
The BTU Club works to drive the Devil away!
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