- The show is starting to improve at this point.  We were starting to get a handle on what sorts of things could be done.  I was also getting better with the cameras and editing equipment.  Still not great, but improving.
- This is the second show where the main story is some outside force or people trying to take over the show.    This became a common theme in a buncha’ shows, so there’s more to come. When something works, you stick with it!  The Russian Cosmonaut characters were a lot of fun, so I brought ‘em back for several more shows.  In this episode they are a little subdued, but not for long.
- That’s my real-life sister, Jenny on the show.  She’s the one with the big-time stitching business now.
- Yes, the soviet space-ship is a plastic coffee cup.  I spray painted it brick red, stuck a post-it on the side with CCCP, and hung it by a string against a posterboard starfield and--- holy crap, it’s a space ship!  Oh, who am I fooling.  It looks like a coffee cup.
- This show was produced before the U.S.S.R. government fell, so Voster and Ivan are the “cold war” versions of Russia--- ah, good times.
Costumes Provided By: Circa 21 & The Showbusiness
Producer - Thomas Hart
Directors - Thomas Hart, Denise Hollmer
Writer - Thomas Hart
Don Bargmann Jr.
Jenny Hart
Thomas Hart
John Horvath
Brandon Lovested
Studio Camera Operators - Greg Baldwin, Kori Skinner
Audio - Steve Elliott
Prompter - Sue Passe
Telephone - Jennifer Nahra
©Copyright 1987, 2006 Thomas Hart
Live on Tape (Show #8)
Airdate: August 22th 1987
MOVIE - “A Boy and His Dog”
SYNOPSIS - Arnie has been getting tired of picking the movies for the show in the same manner every week , so this week he’s had the title of tonight's film baked into a fortune cookie - Guy and Arnie just have to find it, by eating the cookies. They quickly discover that Arnie got his cookies mixed up with another bag, so they end up gorging themselves.
Meanwhile, a secret Soviet spacecraft has been launched into orbit to take over “Live on Tape”.  Two cosmonauts, Ivan Drombolo and Voster Slepinski create havoc on the Live on Tape set.  To make matters worse, Guy’s sister, has shown up and he has to baby-sit her for the evening.
The Soviet's presence on American airwaves becomes a national crisis and Guy gets called into NORAD by General McHoe for secret instructions.  During Guy’s absence, Arnie takes it upon himself to teach Jenny the finer points of poker.  He loses everything, including most of his clothes in the process
Guy returns with instructions from the President to face off with the Russians.  He and Arnie fight them with reruns of I Love Lucy and The Brady Bunch.  Unable to combat good 'ol American programming, the Russians are overpowered and are force to retreat, but as they leave, they warn the world that this is not the end and that they’ll be back!
    “The only good American is BISCUITS!”
                          -Voster Slepinski (Mistranslated from Russian)
Live on Tapeski
Voster and Ivan take over with their own programming.  Dig that crazy stereo equipment in the background, doubling as cold-war era space tech.
Their capsule!
The Russians launch!
Guy’s sister shows up.
Arnie and Guy eat their way to picking tonight’s “gut wrenching” movie.
Guy takes drastic measures
Arnie teaches Jenny how to play poker--
--and loses everything.
Jenny is horrified by the ending of tonight’s movie-- or maybe it’s the sweater she’s wearing.
Arnie fights to get back all the stuff he lost to Jenny.
West Soviet Story
The Live on Tapeski Cosmonauts pre-empt Guy and Arnie’s movie with their own “happy” musical about life in a Siberian gulag.  And seriously, who doesn’t love a good gulag?
Music Video: Addicted to Cows
Voster and Ivan show the latest Soviet music video.
Um, yeah.  There was a lot of farm footage lying around the station at KLJB, and it sorta’ seemed a natural to use it and play Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love” along with the footage.  Kinda’ takes on a creepy meaning when you actually see it.
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