- Oh, gosh, there’s not too much to say about this one.  There’s some fun stuff in here, but overall this is another episode where we stay in the studio the whole time.  The newsdesk still had not been cut down, so we continued to land jets on it.
- Lora Kopriva, who played Ms. Gesh, did a great job and she was a real sport about letting us blast her with fog-- this was a professional grade fog machine we were using and the smoke that came out of it smelled terrible.  One blast of that was probably like smoking a carton of cigarettes. John and I suffered through a lot of blasts with that fog--- and there’s plenty more coming in future episodes- oh goody.
- As was the case with many of the “Live on Tape” shows, I was busily editing it right up until air-time.  Joel Poppen, one of our engineers and camera operators, had just become a father minutes before air-time.  I changed his credit on the show to read, “Joel “Papa” Poppen” for that night.  I know this isn’t a very interesting fact, but this isn’t that interesting an episode.
Costumes Provided By: Circa 21 & The Showbusiness
Producer - Thomas Hart
Directors - Thomas Hart, Denise Hollmer
Writer - Thomas Hart
Don Bargmann Jr.
Pat Flaherty
Patti Flaherty
Jennifer Hanson
Thomas Hart
John Horvath
Rob Humphrey
Lora Kopriva-Adams
James Peterson
Studio Camera Operators - Steve Elliott, Joel “papa” Poppen
Prompter - Jennifer Nahra
Mr. Upshoe’s wardrobe provided by: Slums “R” Us
©Copyright 1987, 2006 Thomas Hart
Live on Tape (Show #11)
Airdate: September 19th 1987
MOVIE - “Massacre at Central High”
SYNOPSIS - Guy Newswarthy searches all over the studio for Arnie, only to find him sleeping under the newsdesk.  It turns out that Arnie’s been living under there.  And not just sleeping, he’s got a hot tub, waterbed, and all sorts of other luxuries too.  The downside to this situation is the Navy jets that continue to use the giant newsdesk as a landing strip and are constantly waking him.
Arnie, feeling that he’s fallen into a rut, has called in a specialist to help change his image.  Ms. Franwell Gesh is an expert at such things and arrives to give Arnie a total make-over, and as she says, “To catapult Arnie to super-stardom, and make him into a real stud-buffalo- WHOO!”
Well, the plan backfires.  Arnie is instead turned into a smarmy, lounge sleezeball.  Guy tries to return Arnie to his old self and shows a brief and very damaging documentary about Arnies’s early years.  Arnie, determined to show up Guy, fights back by setting up a live camera out in public so he can communicate with his “fans”.  Unfortunately Arnie’s public smarminess causes such a panic that the police and several branches of the armed forces come after him.
    “I’d like two more fanny-bangers!”
                         -Franwell Gesh, after getting blasted by a jet.
Eye On The Airwaves
Pat and Patti return to do more broadcast posturing about how they feel about happens on television.  They take it upon themselves to pre-empt the show with their own touchy-feeling documentary called, “Sharks, Lipless Wonders of the Ocean”.  But they get caught doing their own dubbing for the film and the show starts.
Ms. Gesh shows up, only to get man-handled by Arnie.
Guy is amazed at the living conditions under the desk.
Patti catches Pat in a lie.
Love God Arnie offers up some special kisses for the viewers at home.
Arnie becomes a- LOVE GOD, and greets his fans.
Arnie’s fans are terrified!
Guy ruins Arnie’s cool ‘do.
The Japanese Navy locates Arnie and prepares to strike.
Arnie and Guy flee to the the bomb-shelter under the newsdesk.
Sharks, Lipless Wonders of the Ocean
A stunning nature documentary about our finned friends from the briny blue. Turns out these eating machines have feelings too.
Hey... that rhymed!
Arnie K. Upshoe: An American Tragedy
An unsettling film about Arnie’s early life that brings to light why he’s so messed up and despised by so many.
Arnie, the Love God Sings Elvis!
Special commercial about Arnie’s new record offer--- him singing the King’s greatest hits!
Um... yeah... so I had plenty of footage of John lip-syncing Elvis songs from episode #09, so I figured cutting it together as a commercial would kill a minute or two.  And boy did it!
Ms. Franwell Gesh arrives-
-gets blasted-
-and is NOT amused.
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