A little known fact is that bunnies like to be bothered, beaten, rolled, and tossed.  It keeps them fluffy.
In case you’re interested... this skit upset a lot of people.  I was flooded with phone calls from the ASPCA and Humane Society.  They believed we had actually done all those horrible things to that little rabbit.  Of course we hadn’t.  I though it was abundantly clear that the “bunny” being abused was a stuffed rabbit- I mean, it’s pretty damn obvious it’s NOT a real rabbit.  Never the less, a woman from the Humane Society raked me over the coals about the treatment of the animal.  She demanded to know what had become of the rabbit.  I explained to her that I had return the bunny, unharmed, to its original owner,  a man in Geneseo who breeds rabbits to sell as food (which is legal).   He was kind enough to let me borrow the animal for my show.  The woman became very quiet once she realized that our particular rabbit met its demise at the hands of a hungry family rather than on my “stupid” TV show.  The fake “stunt” rabbit that we use however, survived.  She didn’t seem to care about that though.
Sport Of The Week: Bother The Bunny