Science Bits: Trains and the Weather
An amazingly astute revelation is made clear in this ground-breaking science short featuring Dr. Alan Chadwick!
No monkeys were harmed during the filming of this.
Here’s some more clips from “Live on Tape”.
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Clips (page three)
Norwegian Safety Tip #1
Even though their sprits may be high, and their laughter gay, doom from above awaits these fiddle happy, midget dancin’ fools!  If only they’d remembered the most basic rule when frolicking in the mountains.
Live on Tape: The Real Story!
The real story about how Live on Tape came into being... uh, actually it's just a buncha' outtakes and junk strewn together from the show.
Science Bits: Water and the Weather
Again, Dr. Alan Chadwick gets to the nitty-gritty regarding water and this thing called “weather”.  To say that this is “hard hitting, between-the-eyes science reporting” doesn’t even come close to saying how “hard hitting” and “between-the-eyes” this really is.
The Arnie Zone
Another day at the news desk?  Oh no, not for Arnie who begins his weekly “gripe”, when suddenly things take a turn for the weird.
Russian Invasion: Arnie Bombs Kewanee
While Mr. Perry Dink works to break a world record, Arnie is launched in the massive Star Can “Arnieprise” on a mission to destroy Russia with a horrid, sticky, snack food as his only weapon!
Halloweenies: Guy’s Halloween Costume
When Guy shows up on the news set in his boring suit, Arnie (wolfman) Upshoe ready with a costume for him to wear... he even enlists a local witch to help put Guy in the Halloween spirit.
Pototo Ed: My Brother The Sponge
While Potato Ed watches the big game, his friend Wilber prepares dinner. Ed’s brother stops by for a visit and unwittingly ends up helping in the kitchen.
Sport Of The Week: Bother The Bunny
The world famous Bunny Bothering Team from Brierstone England demonstrate the best way to annoy and tease one of nature’s most innocent creatures.
E.J. vs Mavis Bonfils Dryjew
In an effort to cultivate better manners, E.J. Crackerhorn endures etiquette lessons from that debutant to the stars, Mavis Bonfils Dryjew.
From episode #55 “Arnie Gets Amnesia”
Interview With Robert Munsing: Paul Torren
Robert (pronounced “Row-Bear”) attempts a cultural interview with a man who is a true patron of the arts.
Night Of The Living Crackerhorns!
On Halloween night, E.J. Crackerhorn calls a staff meeting, but things go horribly wrong when everyone starts turning into showbiz slimeballs!
From episode #46 “Night of the Living Crackerhorns”