Here’s a behind-the-scenes glimpse at “Live on Tape”.
Over the course of the series I only took pictures once during a taping - I shoulda’ taken a lot more.  These photos were taken during the studio session for the final episode, shot on August 25th, 1989.
Arnie, Guy, and Buck.  Buck is the one who’s looming.
Guy gives Nosey some pointers on being a puppet.
Nosey strikes back!  Nobody gives him pointers!
Don Abbott is amazed and comforted by the teleprompter
E.J. takes charge.
Ooo, baby!  This is really boilin’ my broccoli!
Where’s my Barbie?
E.J. and his favorite plastic playmate.
Guy destroys the “Between the Lines” globe.
Greg Baldwin directs and accuses Tom of something.
Greg & Donny in studio control, pushing buttons.
Goofing at the newsdesk.
“Official” newsdesk photo.
Arnie’s a bit too friendly.
Arnie has a bad experience.
Jennifer wrangles E.J.’s shoes.
Kori & Denise run the cameras that are 80% teleprompter.
Merlin Nelson studies his script but only reads Gaelic.
Mike Carron aka Sgt. Buck Montana ready to pounce.
Donny helps Pete through a rough personal moment.
Pete takes a nap to make things better.
Mike and Scott Hoyt relax in the lush comfort of the studio.
Tom getting ready to be hung.
It pinches!
I’d rather not talk about this
Is that a... diaper?  No, it’s foam padding.
Suffering from massive “foam-butt”.
You’re, um... sure this is gonna be safe... right?
Hey-- it’s not so bad!
Ha ha!  You’re dead!
Waiting to shoot--
Bongo, Arnie, Pepe, Guy, and Buck-- hey, who’s the ladder?
Doin’ the news.
Sgt. Buck causes problems.
Tom aka E.J. tells everyone to “settle down”.
The food at this salad bar tastes funny...
Pete amuses Merlin with his hunchback impressions.
Tom practices getting shot with an arrow.
Arnie is surprised to find E.J. alive.
Arnie is confused... as usual.
The killer strikes again!
Jennifer, Kori, and the other side of the studio.
Tom and Greg look over footage.
Tom & Janos prepare for their last scene together.
Now that’s what I call ACTING!
Guy and Arnie die.
Final cast photo.
Copyright © 1987, 2006 Thomas Hart