Thomas Hart created “Live on Tape” and played many a character on the show, including E.J. Crackerhorn, Uncle Joey, and Guy Newswarthy.  Tom grew up outside the Quad Cities and currently lives in Los Angeles working as a writer and producer, and remains active in improv theatre.
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Janos Horvath (Arnie Upshoe) and a whole slew of other characters.  John is from the Quad Cities and pretty much the world’s greatest bartender.  He can be found most nights at RIBCO working behind the bar, or performing at Circa ’21 dinner theatre.  John lives in Rock Island with his wife Jennifer.
Don Abbott (Clive Knobfinder) is the worst teleprompter reader on the planet, but the nicest guy in the world.  Don has a wide and varied work history, spanning computers to nursing.  Don lives in a cabin paradise outside the Quad Cities with his wife Cory.  He once killed a rabid possum with his car.
Brandon Lovested Best known for his role as Ron Dyne, the slurring airline pilot, has a long list of other characters to his credit as well.  Brandon co-developed Live on Tape and was there at the fateful “first meeting” to create a show in less than four weeks.  Brandon works from L.A. to Boston in computers and business.
Merlin Nelson (Zippy Spamhammer) played E.J.’s whipping boy news reporter, 1/2 of the Swedish Surfer team, and J.D. Climber - chicken bola playin’ hillbilly.  Merlin lives in Des Moines, IA and has a lovely daughter named Tory who is not in the slightest embarrassed by him when she watches the old Live on Tape shows.
Pete Calderone played a buncha’ characters on the show including Pepe the Love God, the one-eye hunchback who spoke in rhyme as well as OSHA safety rep. Phil Buttmush.  Pete was the dependable go-to guy on the show.  He’s active in improv theatre and lives in Kansas City.
Scott Hoyt played the infamous Bongo the exploding clown, but also the second half of the Swedish Surfer team.  Scott was also one of the guys I could always count on when we were in a rush or short on time.
Monta Bell (Ponsetto) got beat up on the show more than any other actor-- fighting with the co-pilot, getting spaghetti pushed into her face, or surprised by a wrench.  Monta is a top realtor in the Quad Cities and lives with her husband and three children.  She performs regularly with ComedySportz in Rock Island.
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