The Main Titles - version #2
This is actually the 2nd version of the main title sequence for “Live on Tape”.  Thankfully I changed the original opening for the show after we’d been on the air for a year.  This open was originally used for our 1st Anniversary episode, and it was so much better than the original version that I made the switch.
Closing Credit Montage
More clips n’ stuff to look at and waste your time... and bandwidth.
The closing credit sequence was one of the best parts of the show... not because the show was over... but because it was fun... okay, maybe also that the show was over.
Live on Tape sampler!
Here’s a taste of some of the silly moments from “Live on Tape”.
E.J. vs. The Giant Jungle Fly
A special moment behind closed doors with E.J. Crackerhorn and his lady love, Barbie.
From episode #54 “Guy and Arnie’s Crappy Adventure”
Below are some clips, samples, commercial spots etc. from “Live on Tape”.
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Dedication & Teamwork - promo spot
This :30 spot was spoofing a local TV news spot from another station in the Quad Cities.  We wanted to show that we had just as much dedication, teamwork and exploding of clown as they did.  Okay, okay... so no clowns explode in this spot.
“Best of Live on Tape” opening sequence
Nothing says “comedy” like polka music---  Just another montage of clips from the show set to music... you stick with what works--- or is easy to do.
Great New Breakfast Cereal!
Breakfast is a special time, a time when you should share something personal... something that only you could pick for them.  The best gifts are those that include a little part of yourself, doncha’ think?
Meltdown Madness!
It’s atomic fun!
Uncle Joey’s Story Corner: Nosey’s Trip
Joey reads a story that features a special trip he and his pal Nosey recently took.
Clive’s Demise
Clive Knobfinder, the Live on Tape station techie, learns about a new feature in the studio-- and goes where no man has gone before.
From episode #56 “The End”
The Thing That Came Up With Lunch!
Weirdness abounds when one unsuspecting guy learns that his roommate suffers from EVS-- Explosive Vomit Syndrome... but it’s only after the “spew” that the nightmare really begins.
The Noise!
The sound that you shouldn’t make--- and the places you shouldn’t make it in.
Copyright © 1987, 2006 Thomas Hart