Live on Tape Blooper Reel!
A collection of goofs, flubs, and mess-ups from the show.  Which is pretty big, considering that the show was mostly comprised of goofs, flubs, and mess-ups.
Here’s some more clips from “Live on Tape”.
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Clips (page four)
Through The Black Hole
Our heroes find themselves trapped in an alternate universe, having to face another possible reality of themselves!
From episode #49 “War of the Worlds III: Through the Black Hole”
Why Dinosaurs Don’t Like To Bowl
No it’s not just their tiny arms and tiny brains that make them hesitant to roll one down the alley... it has to do with agility.
Arnie IS Nosey!
During the final newscast of Live on Tape, Guy makes a startling discovery that chills him to the core!
From episode #56 “The End”
Yes!  Even MORE clips to come!
Honeymoon HELL
A quickie marriage and a quickie honeymoon add up to no good. This guy’s wedding night really sucks.
From episode #55 “Arnie Gets Amnesia”
War of the Worlds: Frustrated Announcer
The Live on Tape announcer becomes fed-up with having to cover for shoddy special effects and hokey storylines.
From episode #45 “War of the Worlds I: Arnie’s Travel Service”
Upshoeperman: The Origin
After Arnie Upshoe has a tragic encounter with a radioactive burrito it gives him super-powers, turning him into Upshoeperman!
From episode #36 “Upshoeperman I: The Origin”
Voster & Ivan: Swan Lakeski
Soviet Space One has returned to take over the airwaves!  No one is safe as they perform their own version of Swan Lake in low orbit!  It takes the quick thinking of Guy Newswarthy and furry anchorman Alf Van Zee to save the day.
The End Of E.J. Crackerhorn
E.J.’s beloved Barbie doll is missing!  So E.J. enlists the rest of the cast to help him find it.  Little do they know what evil lurks in the shadows, ready to pounce at any moment, bringing doom to E.J. Crackerhorn!
From episode #56 “The End”
Arnie Trek: Arnie’s Brain
Arnie’s brain gets stolen.  The crew heads off into space to find it. Why space?  Why not?
Arnie Gets Amnesia
Guy gets some “bad news” from Clive.
From episode #55 “Arnie Gets Amnesia”
Live on Tape Farewell
The heart-wrenching final montage and overview of Live on Tape.
From episode #56 “The End”