At the time we were making Live on Tape there was a local auto dealer who was known as “Orby, the super-van man!”  He sold luxury “conversion” vans, and the local TV stations ran lots of commercials with him in bright tights and cape dancing around to the Superman music as an announcer screamed out “Oh YES!  He’s Orby, the Supervan Man!”
So.  We decided to mock him.
Well... after three episodes of Upshoeperman silliness had aired, I was told by the KLJB sales department to STOP, Orby was one of their clients and he HATED what we were doing.  Well, maybe we hated what he was doing, had they considered that?!
I wish I could get my hands on one of the old Orby’s Supervan Man commercials, you’d see that we’re not far off the mark here.
Upshoeperman: The Origin
Copyright © 1987, 2006 Thomas Hart