Media mogul and entertainment producer extraordinaire.  He’s the  head honcho, the big cheese, the supreme showbiz sleezeball who runs things at the Live on Tape studios.
Obsessed with Barbie, whom he carries around with him at all times.
Officer with the Iowa Highway Patrol and offers up “Iowa Driving Tips”, like the proper way to make a right hand turn by swerving into the left lane first; and other ways in which to danger motorists.
Once helped Guy and Arnie save their jobs and Live on Tape by giving them the Time Cow which allowed them to travel through time. (L) RIPCORD SHELDON & (R) RON DYNE
Co-pilot and Pilot of TWQC airlines and news anchors for TWQC Newscope Sicks.  Ron is known to have buzzed many a residence with a jet and once flew the Live on Tape crew straight into the Bermuda Triangle.
Responsible for the deaths of Guy Newswarthy & Arnie Upshoe. UNCLE JOEY
Child-like kid’s show host.  With his sidekick Nosey (not pictured) read stories for the boys & girls at home... but things usually turn bad for either his sock-puppet side-kick, or more likely, Joey.
Is really the smartest member of the Live on Tape crew, and once saved the station from a black hole.
The “program director” at the studio.  Once described as “big n’ greasy, like a ham”.  Always chasing after some quick scheme or scam.  Co-Anchors with Guy Newswarthy, and generally just causes problems for those around him.
Once mutated by a radio-active burrito into a superhero.
More characters & stuff to be added soon!
Russian Cosmonauts who, while in orbit, threaten to take over Live on Tape and the American way of life!
Performed the only known version of Swan Lake in zero-g. CHESTER HUBBLY & EVIL E.J.
Chester and his wife were suckered in by Arnie’s “Travel Service” only to become the unwitting victims of an alien-possessed E.J. Crackerhorn and taken aboard the U.S.S. Arnieprise.  It just gets worse from there- they crash on a planet... go through a black hole... lose their money... the station gets blasted into space too--- oh, the humanity of it all. THE NEWSDESK
Marla Mambles, Arnie Upshoe, Clive Knobfinder, and Guy Newswarthy deal with the latest crisis to befall the Live on Tape studio-- actually, Marla is trying to “de-grease” Arnie and make him “camera ready”. SOMEWHERE IN THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE...
Elvis, and his merry back-up singers entertain travelers on their flights of DOOM! GUY, LENNY, & ZIPPY
Lenny Steinberg (Guy’s agent) grills Live on Tape news reporter Zippy Spamhammer (r) about that five bucks he owes him.
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Not all, but a some of the characters from the show.