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Live on Tape (Show #16)
Airdate: October 31st 1987
SYNOPSIS - Guy becomes panic stricken when he thinks he’s part of “DEAD on tape”.  Arnie then attempts to get Guy to join in the spirit of Halloween by wearing a costume.  When Guy refuses, Arnie wrestles him to the ground forcing him to wear the costume.  Unfortunately Arnie’s pet mouse, Fang, gets loose and terrorizes Guy and Arnie on the set!  Oh no!
    “I believe variety is the spice of life, and I just love the feeling of     dainty little nothings next to my bare behind.”
                    -Milton T. Sidewash, noted psychologist
LIVE ON TAPE” FIRSTS - First “squishy” sound effect used in this show.
Dead on Tape - Alexander Pope, Jim Croce and Joan of Arc contemplate their existence on the program while Guy tries to find a way out of this nightmarish situation.
        (Written by: Patti Flaherty)
Spot the Gumby #1 - Mr. Gumby makes the rounds in this playful skit of hid and seek.  It’s just a shame that death has to mar the festivities.
Friday the 13th Part 87 - Jason, the perennial camp crazy, puts on the mantle of the Bard and takes a swing at the classics.
            (Written by: James Seward)
Great Conspiracies in Science #3 (second showing) Dr. Alan Chadwick investigates the effects of magnetic fields directed through clothes hangers on different colors of polyester.  This piece is tastefully introduced by a very prudish fellow.    (Written by: Brandon Lovested)
Friday the 13th Part 93 - Jason needs to join AA in the worst way.
            (Written by: James Seward)
Godzilla vs. the Raisins - (third showing) Movie know, some things just don’t know when to die.
-This was my first opportunity to do an episode that was holiday oriented.  There’s some good and plenty of bad in this one.  A few days before we taped the show, I told Janos to wear a costume of some sort.  Little did I know that Lon Chaney III would come up with such an elaborate werewolf costume.  Regardless of how this episode turned out, we had a lot of fun shooting it that least I did.
- To me, this show is the first where the Guy and Arnie characters finally locked in.  From this point on they began to work well as a team, before, the mix just didn’t seem right and I’ll admit it was Guy’s character that was lacking, not Arnie.
- This show was one of the first where I began adding layers of sound effects to the composite broadcast tape.    Guy’s costume was made of plastic and smelled like greasy feet.  In order to get the armor clanging sound, I banged together a dustpan and a wrench following the edited show, much like a foley artist.  Later episodes would become much more detailed in terms of music and sound effects, this was just the beginning...of a lot of wasted video tape.
Costumes Provided by: Circa 21 & The Showbusiness
Arnie’s Make-Up by: John Horvath
Producer - Thomas Hart
Director: Greg Baldwin, Thomas Hart
Writer - Thomas Hart
“Dead on Tape” Written by: Patti Flaherty
“Friday the 13th Parts 87 & 93” Written by: James Seward
“Great Conspiracies in Science” Written by: Brandon Lovested
John Bielefeldt
Pat Flaherty
Patti Flaherty
Jennifer Hanson
Thomas Hart
John Horvath
Donna Lee
Brandon Lovested
Tim Miller
Merlin Nelson Jr.
James Peterson
Alan Somers
Bobbie Sue Young
Dave Miller as Fang
Studio Camera Operators - Don Bargmann Jr., Kori Skinner
Audio - Denise Hollmer
Prompter - Sue Passe
©Copyright 1987, 2006 Thomas Hart