- This episode was taped during the same session as episode #1, that was a long and tiring day.
– As the note states above, E.J. Crackerhorn was created on the spur of the moment in an attempt to save the Magnesia skit.  I really had no idea that E.J. would eventually become a staple character on the program.  E.J. in these early shows is not quite up to full form yet.  He's still rough around the edges, and he hasn't come out with his Barbie fixation yet.  We'll call this the "proto-E.J." era of "Live on Tape".
- Okay, okay... E.J. did appear right before the closing credits of Show #1, but that footage was shot right after the "Help of Magnesia" skits during the first day's shooting.  But the first time E.J. ever appeared on camera was in this 2nd Magnesia skit.   Ugh, enough about Herr Crackerhorn already!
Costumes Provided by: Circa 21 & The Showbusiness
Producer - Thomas Hart
Directors - Greg Baldwin, Thomas Hart, Denise Hollmer
Writers - Thomas Hart, Brandon Lovested
Photographers - Greg Baldwin, Thomas Hart, Denise Hollmer
Greg Baldwin
Don Bargmann Jr.
Patti Flaherty
Jennifer Hanson
Thomas Hart
Denise Hollmer
John Horvath
Brandon Lovested
David Wooten
©Copyright 1987, 2006 Thomas Hart
Live on Tape (Show #2)
Airdate: July 11th 1987
MOVIE - “Sssssss”
SYNOPSIS - Again Arnie gets the movies mixed up because all the good titles were rented down at Mr. Video.  Guys thinks that they are showing The Bridge on the River Kwai, Arnie informs him that instead they are going to show Ssssssss.  They have a big fight.  Arnie ties Guy up, eventually Guy breaks free and ties Arnie up only this time he torments him with snakes.   (Arnie is deathly afraid of snakes.)  Arnie retaliates, but in the end Guy is victorious and runs off with Lola, Arnie’s date.
    “I hate snakes, I just hate ‘em!”
                    -Arnie K. Upshoe
What’s Showing on the Other Networks
We start the show with a service to our viewers, letting them know what’s being show on the other stations so they don’t have to bother themselves with flipping channels.  The clip here was on ABC, “Perry Mason Returns... from the GRAVE!” to prosecute the blood of the living and explain the penal code to teens necking in parked cars.  Ha.  “Penal”.
The Help of Magnesia #2
Magnesia answers letters to the lovelorn again.  E.J. Crackerhorn shows up and tries and liven up her show.  It doesn’t work.  But there is a lot of fog from the fog machine.  Got our money’s worth out that device.
Sport of the Week: Alpine Tree Lurching #2
 The lurchers from Svengrodin return to Lincoln Park, hell bent on getting revenge on that giant cookie.
That’s David  Wooten there in the middle.  He has an amazing voice for yodeling, if you couldn’t tell from the picture.
Great Conspiracies in Science #2
RSFFS, Random Sampled Frequencies From Space.  The intrepid Dr. Chadwick explains the underpinnings of covert government studies to learn if there is intelligent life in the universe.  But before you can discover the secret, you have to buy something from the vending machine... and um, dress like a hippie.
E.J. Crackerhorn’s first appearance on the show!
Created out of desperation to add something to the flagging 2nd Magnesia skit, I threw this together, channeling my friend’s Uncle Eugene and a weird guy out in Hollywood I used to have to talk to over the phone for work- the end result was the ultimate show-biz sleaze ball.  Dig that crazy mullet... Ah, the ‘80’s.
Jennifer put up with a lot that day from E.J.--- but this was just the beginning of his reign.
Arnie takes over-- and makes a mess.
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