- For the premier episode, and the start of the series "Live on Tape", there was less than four weeks in which to create the show from scratch.  You can read more about the creation and history of the show in the FAQ’s or in the ABOUT.
- Looking over these first episodes now, they are truly awful... ugh. Arnie (Janos) and everyone else were giving it their all and doing a great job with the horrid material...  But I was learning I guess.
- The Character of Magnesia was created especially for Darcy Benton, Miss Iowa 1987, whom KLJB had hired as an on-air spokesperson.  But after reading the first two scripts for Live on Tape, she felt that appearing on the show would be “damaging” to her image and consequently backed out right as we were ready to shoot on the first day.  Ms. Benton was actually much more upset that I would have expected, and went straight to the station’s general manager to complain... when a simple “Um... I’d rather not do this” would have sufficed... but I guess there had to be tears and drama-- you would have thought she just got crowned again.  Incidentally, the idea for the “Help of Magnesia” skit for Darcy was the suggestion of the station’s general manager.  So I wasn’t too upset by all this, more annoyed.
So... I made a frantic phone call to my girlfriend at the time, Jennifer Hanson who graciously rushed in to do the Magnesia part on a moment's notice.  Jennifer was a real trooper, the Magnesia skit just didn’t work at all, and it had nothing to do with her... Darcy was probably smart to back out.  Them beauty queens know their stuff!
- The show's format at this point included a feature film that was cut in between "Live on Tape" segments that aired on Saturday nights from 9pm to 11:30pm.  Live on Tape wouldn’t change its format for another 11 episodes
- Originally there was a different actor scheduled to play the character of Arnie Upshoe.  Two days before we were scheduled to shoot the first episode, he decided that he really didn't  want to do it-- maybe he’d talked to Darcy Benton beforehand...  I was left scrambling to find another person to play Arnie.  Jennifer Hanson suggested I give a friend of hers a call, John (Janos) Horvath.  I had never met Janos, but had seen him in the play “Picnic” at Black Hawk College (Jennifer had been in it as well).  Over the phone Janos agreed to do the part and it was during this first day of shooting “Live on Tape” that Guy  and Arnie met for the very first time, really.
Costumes Provided By: Circa 21 & The Showbusiness
Producer - Thomas Hart
Directors - Greg Baldwin, Denise Hollmer, Thomas Hart
Writers - Thomas Hart, Brandon Lovested
Photographers - Greg Baldwin, Thomas Hart, Denise Hollmer
Greg Baldwin
Don Bargmann Jr.
Patti Flaherty
Jennifer Hanson
Thomas Hart
Denise Hollmer
John Horvath
Brandon Lovested
Lloyd Nelson
David Wooten
Cookie Trainer - Chip Soo Hoy
©Copyright 1987, 2006 Thomas Hart
Live on Tape (Show #1)
Airdate: July 4th 1987
MOVIE - “Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell”
SYNOPSIS - The premier show, and what a mess it is...talk about confusion!   Guy Newswarthy primes the audience for the movie, Gone With The Wind, but Arnie Upshoe, the station program director, plans on showing Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell instead.  Guy and Arnie spend the rest of the show fighting over why the wrong movie is being shown.  The program gets wrapped up in the end by showing the conclusion to the movie Missing in Action that didn’t get shown a few days earlier on KLJB.  It's wacky, it's zany, it's....a waste of time.
    "Boy, that sure was a big cookie!"
                    -Arnie K. Upshoe
News Brief
Guy Newswarthy does a short report on Oral Robert’s promise to bring people back from the dead, but that’s something Dr. Frankenstein had tried, and his living dead ended up looking like Herman Munster.  Oh... and is it hilarious too!
Godzilla vs. the Raisins
A movie promo where the California Raisins finally get what they deserve, a smack-down in Zilla-town.  Check-out the special effects on this!  Whoa!
The California Raisin characters were big back in ‘87-- I decided to have them meet up with Godzilla and get a beat-down.  Unfortunately I didn’t have any California Raisin characters to use on camera and had to use real raisins.  The end result looks like Godzilla fighting a bunch of bunny turds--- and um, he eats them too.  ugh.
The Help of Magnesia #1
This maven of matrimonial bliss points out what karate moves work best to keep a man in line in this pointless skit... and I do mean pointless.
Taco Hutch commercial
Taco Hutch is going topless and giving away jugs!  And what jugs they are-  of course we went for the obvious “jugs” joke here.  By looking at this picture and the one above, it’s not too difficult to figure out whose cleavage we filmed for the bit.  And if you’re looking at the picture of Bill Wondering below and thinking about his cleavage--- well, that’s just sick and wrong.
Bill Wondering
Consumer watch-dog Bill Wondering expounds his views on Taco Hutch’s recent announcement to go topless for the week of July 5th.  And he’s not happy about it, no siree!
Sport of the Week: Alpine Tree Lurching #1
Bermuda Simcock covers the tree lurching team from Svengrodin.  Hans, Spritz and Yimper.  Their efforts are foiled by a giant cookie!  Yes.  A giant cookie... don’t ask why... cuz... it makes not sense.   Okay, so we had access to a giant cookie costume and wanted to use it, that’s why.
The Giant Cookie Costume
Just in case there was any doubt.  Jennifer Hanson, who played the ill-fated “Magnesia”, also performed as the giant cookie, and just look at the size of those chips!
Great Conspiracies in Science #1
Dr. Alan Chadwick delves into what actually causes the weather - grass.  See?  That wasn’t so hard to figure out now, was it?
Bill Wondering LIVE at Taco Hutch
Mr. Wondering confronts a Taco Hutch employee about going topless only to get trampled by the giant cookie.  Again, we had use of the giant cookie costume and damnit we were going to use it!
Missing in Action
Guy and Arnie wrap up at the newsdesk by showing the end of Missing in Action, but the giant cookie returns once again...Oh, the humanity!  Actually, “the humanity” is delicious with a tall glass of milk.
We really DID show the last few minutes of Missing in Action-- KLJB had neglected to show the end of the movie a couple of nights before and instead showed their Farm Report.  The station received a lot of angry phone calls... so we tried to make things right here.
Guy welcomes Arnie to the newsdesk.
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