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Live on Tape (Show #27)
Airdate: February 13th 1988
SYNOPSIS - Arnie approaches E.J. about getting a raise and is given the run around.  E.J. who is preoccupied with the aerobics class across the street, takes time out to show Arnie an inspirational film.  In the end, Arnie’s not sure what exactly went on during his little meeting.  Later Arnie informs Guy that he’s stopped garbage collection for his part of town because the rattling of cans wakes him up.  The city fines Arnie for unlawful use of garbage when his neighbors begin dumping their trash on his yard creating an unauthorized land-fill.
    If all this wasn’t enough!  Zippy tracks down a man who claims to own the world’s oldest goldfish!  Talk about an action packed show!
        “Oh!  Would you look at the wombombos on that babe!”
                    - E.J. Crackerhorn, while girl-watching the aerobics class across the street.
“LIVE ON TAPE” FIRSTS - This was the very first time that we were able to use our brand-new OFFICE SET!  Woo hoo!  We have another set... now if we can just get the front office to okay some paint for it.
Baby Face Gang Movie - This short film shows toddlers in a whole new light.
The Important Man - The world’s most important person takes time out from his important schedule to give us this important message.
Between The Lines - Guy and Arnie report on new findings about fast food, and the location of the notorious gang that’s been stealing socks from dryers all over the world.
Special Report - The Live on Tape news cameras go live where federal agents have busted the notorious one sock gang.
Arnie’s Gripe of the Week #6 - Arnie is peeved about a couple of bums who go through his garbage and wake him up twice a week in the wee hours.  Yeah, well, those “bums” turn out the be the garbage men who are just doing their jobs.  Unfortunately Arnie’s complaining puts him in hot water with the city and his neighbors.  “You gotta help me Guy!  You gotta help me!!!”
Live on Tape, the True Story - This in-depth, hard-nosed feature answers the questions that the Live on Tape viewers have been yearning to know: how to explode, how our special effects are done, our frequent bible discussions and the results from our world famous elf look alike contest.
- I remember thinking that this show was one our worst, but upon recent viewing it wasn’t as bad as I remember.  It certainly is stupid, but well executed.  My favorite part is the “Live on Tape the True Story” short.  Notice the out take stuff with John and myself, that’s the stuff that made the show great was the fun we had behind the scenes.
- We finally managed to get another set, other that E.J.’s office.  I had tried repeatedly to get the station to give me the cash to build a second set, but Live on Tape was really a “no budget show”--- and so I was told “no” on any cash.  BUT, when I suggested that any sets we had for my show could be used for commercial production at the station, the station saw the wisdom and okayed it.  Joel Poppen built the set (and he did an awesome job!), but unfortunately we didn’t have enough money to buy any paint for it... that would have to wait.
-The Important Man skit came about several months prior to this show.  Brandon Lovested and I were joking around and we came up with a character that was too important for anything.  So, I, in desperate need for a skit, resorted to this bit for the show.  It killed a minute or so on the show.
- The Between the Lines News on this show was written by Don Abbott.  This was material that he had used previously when he was part of the US Air Forces touring entertainment group.  Naturally it was is one of the better “Between the Lines” we did.  We even shot the notorious sock gang at Don’s parent’s house.  Don’s a funny guy.
Costumes Provided By: Circa ‘21 and the Show Business
Producer - Thomas Hart
Directors - Greg Baldwin, Thomas Hart
Writer - Thomas Hart
Between the Lines News written by: Don Abbott
Don Abbott        
John Bain        
Jim Cox        
Greg Crook        
Jennifer Hanson    
Thomas Hart
John Horvath    
Scott Hoyt
Robert K. Humphrey
Lora Kopriva-Adams
Brandon Lovested
Merlin Nelson Jr.
James Peterson
Josie Poppen
Don White
Sushi, the wonder fish
Video-Tape Editor - Thomas Hart
Set Builder - Joel Poppen
Audio - Denise Hollmer
Prompter - Abdul Raheim
“Go to bed if you’re so sleepy!”
©Copyright 1988, 2006 Thomas Hart
OUT TAKE #8  (Zippy tries to threaten Mr. Feldman into opening his door)
    ZIPPY: All right buddy, this is the cops!  Now open up!
    MR. FELDMAN: The police!
    ZIPPY: Yeah!  Now if you don’t open up... we’re gonna blow down the
        door... and... we’re gonna break your arms... and we’re gonna
        take a warrent... and we’re gonna kill ya!  You got it?
    MR. FELDMAN:  All right, if you’re gonna be like that about it.