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Live on Tape (Show #20)
Airdate: December 5th 1987
SYNOPSIS - Bowing to the need for educational and ecologically based programming, “Live on Tape” is preempted for a special presentation...but the show fails to live up to its promise and “Live on Tape” airs anyway.
    While Guy delivers the news, Arnie interrupts things with his latest device - The Arnie Authenticity Adapter (hence the show’s title).  He plans on using the device to recreate specific moments in history and educate everyone.  Of course Arnie is unable to use the device correctly and he gets his history lessons all wrong.  Just another waaaaaacky show!
        “Is that any way for a grown Pilgrim to act?”
                                 - Guy Newswarthy
Special Presentation - Rich Marshall, president of the American Affiliation for the Preservation of Grout Warblers, hosts this phone-in show dedicated to saving the Asian Grout Warbler from extinction.  When he doesn’t get the response he’d hoped for he changes his views and upsets a lot of people.
Between the Lines - Guy reports on a man who nearly choked to death on a diaper and Ed Asner who decided to take out his own teeth!
The Fascinating World of People #2 (The Swedish Surfers) - Fjord and Johan demonstrate how they plan to take the California surfing scene by storm...just as soon as they practice in the Mid-West first.
Weather Update With Neil Castro - Fidel’s little-known brother gives us a barometric reading and tests the political waters on the show.
Sport of the Week “Kentucky Chicken Bolas” (second showing) - Cindy Chelbow has Enid and J.D. Climber demonstrate this unique Southern past-time.
Chalk-Talk With John Maddening - Having recovered from his encounter with Paula Sander’s chickens, John returns to give his play by play on the Climber brother’s efforts...unfortunately this game deals with chickens too.
- I thought I’d try something different and make it look like “Live on Tape” had been replaced by an educational show.  It may have been a sound idea at first, but the end result didn’t work.  The whole Asian Grout Warbler bit is way too long and it’s just not funny.  Oh well, chalk this one up to experience.  Yes, I do realize I misspelled the word “Warbler” in the show...oh well, it’s not the first or last time.
- The Swedish Surfers were the idea of Merlin Nelson and Scott Hoyt (Fjord and Johan respectively).  They came up with the characters during the taping of a previous show.  Their bad accents became so annoying that I wrote a skit for them.   Janos became violently angry with me after he saw this skit, needless to say he didn’t like it.  Okay, maybe not violent... or angry... I exaggerat.  It was more like he just shook his head in bitter disappointment and walked away from me.
- Neil Castro, played by Jim Peterson, was a spoof on a weatherman at another station - Neil Castor.  This is my favorite bit in this show.
- Throwing the rubber chickens at John Maddening ended up being one of the more difficult stunts of that day’s shooting.  For some reason, Donny, our chicken thrower, couldn’t hit his could you miss?
Costumes Provided By: Circa ‘21 and the Show Business
Producer - Thomas Hart
Directors - Thomas Hart, Denise Hollmer
Writer - Thomas Hart
Greg Baldwin
Jim Cox
Thomas Hart
John Horvath
Scott Hoyt
Lora Kopriva-Adams
    Merlin Nelson Jr.
 James Peterson
Laurie Snell
Scott Tunnicliff
Video-Tape Editor - Thomas Hart
Studio Camera Operators - Don Bargmann Jr., Steve Elliott
Audio - Sue Passe
Prompter - Jennifer Nahra
Don’t forget to take out the garbage, unless you want left-overs for dinner tomorrow night.
©Copyright 1987, 2006 Thomas Hart
OUT TAKE #2  (The Swedish Surfers)
            FJORD - “Mallo-Cups!  Ahahahahahaha!