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Live on Tape (Show #18)
Airdate: November 14th 1987
SYNOPSIS - Guy and Arnie attempt to deliver “quality” news reporting, but after the program’s new reporter (Paula Sanders) is introduced, the show turns into complete chaos!  Ms. Sanders unleashes her famous dancing chickens; who then proceed to peck and bite at our heroes.  Who’d ever thought Guy and Arnie would be done in by a couple of rubber chickens.
    “Get back, you bony skin-heads!  Aaaaaaaaag, let go!!!”
                    - Arnie Upshoe, fighting for his very life.
The Wonderful World of Ron - The Emerald City’s intrepid newspersons go after the elusive great and powerful Ron in a quest for answers.  They discover that looks can be deceiving...but also tasty.
Between the Lines - Guy and Arnie report on a woman who lives with her mummified husband and other inspiring stories.
”Lust Puppies Untamed” - A brief film clip used to fill always sells.
The Fascinating World of People #1 (Count Howard) - Bermuda Simcock interviews the reclusive and cynical vampire.  Oh, you gotta love this one.
        (Written by: James Seward)
Paula Sanders Fried Chicken - (commercial) It’s the famous dancin’ chickens!
Sport of the Week “Alpine Tree Lurching #2” (second showing)  - The Tree Lurching Team attempt to hunt down the Giant Cookie.  Oh boy!
Chalk Talk With John Maddening - John gives a recap on the Svengroden tree-lurching team’s fatal mistakes at stopping the cookie...if only he knew how to handle dancing chickens...the horror...the horror...
Arnie’s Gripe of the Week #4 - Arnie fumes about people trying to get you to sign up for credit cards whenever you step into a store at the mall.
        (Written by: Denise Hollmer)
- The “Wonderful World of Ron” skit didn’t really come off as well as I had hoped.  It was different and it was the kind of broad silly stuff I wanted the show to try and tackle.  At least the puppet looks funny.
- The whole Paula Sanders shtick was a spoof on local news personality Paula Sands.  I crossed her with Col. Sanders, so that accounts for the white beard and chickens.
- “Count Howard” was a skit that had been taped for the Halloween program two-weeks prior - and it um... just didn’t work.  The skit was so bad that I didn’t use it in the Halloween show, but I was desperate to fill time in this show...all I had was the Count Howard bit--- so suddenly, there’s a vampire skit in this show!
- Although this was a very simple, and somewhat forgettable show, it was a lot of fun to shoot and for the pure silliness of all the chicken stuff I love it.
Costumes Provided By: Circa 21 and The Showbusiness
Producer - Thomas Hart
Directors - Greg Baldwin, Thomas Hart, Joel Poppen
Writer - Thomas Hart
“Interview with a Vampire” written by: James Seward
“Arnie’s Gripe of the Week” Written by: Denise Hollmer
Greg Baldwin
John Bielefeldt
Mike Carron
Barb Engstrom
Pat Flaherty
Patti Flaherty
Jennifer Hanson
Thomas Hart
John Horvath
Brandon Lovested
David Wooten
Video-Tape Editor - Thomas Hart
Studio Camera Operators - Steve Elliott, Kori Skinner
Audio - Denise Hollmer
Prompter - Sue Passe
Chicken Wrangler - Kori Skinner
Chicken Operator - Steve Elliott
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©Copyright 1987, 2006 Thomas Hart