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Live on Tape (Show #22)
Airdate: December 26th, 1987
SYNOPSIS - Just what the title says.  This is a half-hour, or a little over twenty-minutes, of skits and bits, all repeats... perhaps the words “Best of” are little misleading.
    “Boy’s, bring your girl-friends, girls bring your boy-friends, but boys don’t you bring your boyfriends...”
-Spokesman for The Fast Food Hall Of Fame
“LIVE ON TAPE” FIRSTS - “Best Of” Show opening with yet more wacky out-takes n’ stuff!  Love that polka music!
The Thing That Came Up With Lunch (third showing) - If you love mucus, then this is for you.
Spot the Gumby #1 (second showing) - The green wedge-head runs, but he can’t hide from our expert trackers.  Woe to he who mocks the Gumby.
Science Bit’s #1: Trains and Weather  (second showing) - Dr. Alan Chadwick stresses that Amtrak has nothing to do with the barometric pressure.
•Barbie and Ken visit the Quad-Cities (second showing) - Zippy Spamhammer follows the plastic duo around on their whirl-wind tour of Quad-City hot spots... er, very hot.
The Home Suing Network (second showing) - Rusty and Judge Whoppy encourage the public to sue at home.
Nose Nuts Commercial (second showing)  It’snot funny.
Iowa Driving Tips #1 (second showing)  The classic Iowan right-hand turn.
The Fascinating World of People #2: The Swedish Surfers (second showing) Fjord and Johan surf their way across the frozen planes.
Fast Food Hall of Fame Commercial (second showing)  The place where freshness is a state of mind and not a state of food.
Arnie Sings Elvis Commercial - (second showing)  Arnie croaks out the King’s greatest hits.
- We’d been on the air for about five months now and I was ready for a break, especially since everyone was getting busy with the holidays, so I slapped together this “best of” show and went to the station Christmas party!  Woo hoo!
Costumes Provided By: Circa ‘21 and the Show Business
Producer - Thomas Hart
Directors - Greg Baldwin, Thomas Hart
Writer - Thomas Hart
Fast Food Hall of Fame Written By:
Rob Humphrey, James Peterson & Tim Miller
Greg Baldwin    
Mike Carron    
Jim Cox        
Pat Flaherty        
Patti Flaherty    
Dave Goodrich    
Jennifer Hanson    
Thomas Hart
John Horvath
Scott Hoyt
Brandon Lovested
Merlin Nelson Jr.
Tim Olson
James Peterson
Video-Tape Editor - Thomas Hart
Studio Camera Operator - Kori Skinner
Audio - Denise Hollmer
Prompter - Sue Passe
“Don’t put peanut butter on the cat, because mom doesn’t like it!”
©Copyright 1987, 2006 Thomas Hart