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Live on Tape (Show #15)
Airdate: October 24th 1987
SYNOPSIS - Tired of the same old news shtick, Guy decides to liven things up and give the program a flashy Tonight Show approach.  Guy proceeds to tell the worst jokes imaginable.  Arnie ends up dragging his partner back to the newsdesk and spends the rest of the program fending off bad jokes.
    A new feature for the night is the introduction of the “Badger-Cam”.  Unfortunately it gets out of hand and terrorizes most of the city.
    “We don’t know no Pokey, Green-Head!  If we find him, we let you know
    how he tastes.  Ahahahahahaha!”
                        -Unidentified Asian shop-keeper
LIVE ON TAPE FIRSTS - The first appearance of Uncle Joey.  <Yeah!>
The Noise, Part II - A public service announcement that alerts the public to the Noise...let’s see how much mileage we can get out of this bit.
GUMBO! - (Movie Promo) - Our green friend goes on a search for his loyal friend and lays waste to Asian counties the way no other children’s character has.
The Badger-Cam - “The Live on Tape” crew attach a camera to a pugnacious little badger and let him run wild.
Bix Fest Update - Zippy Spamhammer attempts to cover the “Bix Fest” only to discover that he’s missed it by a couple of months.  The piece isn’t a total waste though, the Badger-Cam makes an appearance and gets things a hoppin’.
Uncle Joey #1 (The Little Pig) - Uncle Joey and Hubert the horse present a heart-warming story about a happy man and his pet pig.  Joey’s friend, Bob the butcher even makes a special appearance, looking for a place to lay low for awhile.
The Home Suing Network - Judge “Woppy” Goldstein helps the public go on a suing rampage and allows telephone callers to press charges against an unsuspecting defendant.
Fast Food Hall of Fame (Commercial) Promotion for a special place that YOU can view famous pieces from the annals of McHistory.
            (Written by: Rob Humphrey, Jim Peterson and Tim Miller)
Next, on Live on Tape (Promo) - Preview of upcoming features on the show like: Mystery, Advice and Sex!
-Admittedly all the stuff at the news desks sucks...I mean it really sucks, but this is the episode where “Live on Tape” started to take shape and have some humorous moments in it.  It’s taken fifteen shows, but we were finally getting a feel for things.  I just wish we’d used the Badger-Cam in other show later on...I don’t know why we didn’t.
-The Uncle Joey skit was something that I threw together the night before we taped the show.  I did the drawings in about fifteen minutes, can you tell?  When I stepped into the studio in my Uncle Joey costume everyone thought I looked like a dork, which I did.  Those shorts were an actual pair of jams that I used to wear...scary!  Besides E.J. Crackerhorn, Uncle Joey received the most positive response of any character on the program and was soon to become a regular player.  You may have noticed that this Uncle Joey is without his sidekick Nosey - Hubert “Huey” the horse proved too limiting, besides every TV show needs a sock puppet.
Costumes Provided By: Circa 21 & The Showbusiness
Producer - Thomas Hart
Directors - Greg Baldwin, Thomas Hart
Writer - Thomas Hart
“Fast Food Hall of Fame” Written By: Rob Humphrey, Tim Miller, James Peterson
Don Bargmann Jr.
Greg Crook
Jennifer Hanson
Thomas Hart
John Horvath
Gary Mundt Jr.
Merlin Nelson Jr.
James Peterson
Studio Camera Operators - Thomas Sherwin, Kori Skinner
Audio - Denise Hollmer
Prompter - Steve Elliott
Mr. Crackerhorn’s wardrobe by: El Sleeze of America.
©Copyright 1987, 2006 Thomas Hart