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Live on Tape (Show #30)
Airdate: March 12th 1988
SYNOPSIS - Guy and Arnie host a world premier screening of a flim made by local filmmakers.  The silent film is the story of Harold Fozdale, a recent college grad and his struggle to make it to the top in the business world.  He finds that coping with real life is tougher than he expected, but learns that persistence and a good pair of running shoes are the keys to success.
    “Hey, wait a minute here… this isn’t popcorn, this is STYROFOAM!”
        - Arnie’s unwitting discovery after visiting the concession stand.
- This show was a piece of cake to put together, hardly any work at all on my part or that of the Live on Tape crew.  Some college friends of mine had made The Real World while attending Southern Illinois University and they graciously agreed to let me feature their work on the show.
- The Real World was made by Rob Humphrey, Jim Peterson, and John Behnke.  Both Rob and Jim appear in many an episode of Live on Tape- most notably as Buster & Pete, Captain Seabilge & his First Officer, and many other various characters and walk on roles.
- Even though The Real World is a “student” film it’s an excellent bit of filmmaking.  After this film, the Trio (as John, Rob, and Jim became known) produced another silent film entitled The Yuppie.  This film went on to win the 1988 Student Academy Award for “Best Narrative Film”… and in it I got to play the villain, Oliver Swindell!  The Yuppie was a continuation of Rob’s Harold Fozdale character, only this time he’s entered the high-stakes world of boardroom politics.
- This is the only episode that features just Guy and Arnie.  The shoot was very easy… except that John and I had an explosive case of the giggles throughout the shoot and had to do a lot of takes.  You know us, we’re wacky.
Costumes Provided By: Circa 21 and The Showbusiness
Producer - Thomas Hart
Director – Denise Hollmer
Live on Tape Writer - Thomas Hart
“Psycho” directed by – Alfred Hitchcock
Thomas Hart
John Horvath
Hairstylist – John Bain
Video-Tape Editor - Thomas Hart
Studio Camera Operators – Don Bargmann Jr. and Steve Elliott
Key Grip – Andy Poppen
Audio – Kori Skinner
All Around Swell Guy – Don Bargmann Sr.
Prompter – Don Abbott
©Copyright 1988, 2006 Thomas Hart
OUT TAKE #11 (Guy breaks-up while Arnie tries to regain his composure.)
ARNIE: We just need a couple of takes to get back into the swing of things here.
NOTE: The credits for The Real World ran within the body of the program, so they  were not run at the end of Live on Tape--- I need to dig up those credits and add them.