Live on Tape episode logs
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Live on Tape (Show #28)
Airdate: February 20th 1988
SYNOPSIS - Who says there’s no truth in advertising?  This is truly the worst... well, not the absolute worst, but this stuff is pretty darn bad... but then again, sometimes bad is good... but not this time.
    “Notice how the shark swims.  His body contorts as if to say, ‘I am beautiful, I love all my friends in the sea!’”
                        - Pat, with his nose plugged, narrating a bad nature flim.
“LIVE ON TAPE FIRSTS - This was the first, and last “worst of” show we did!
Eye on the Airwaves (second showing) - Pat and Patti from the Government Office of Television Regulation let us know they HATE Live on Tape and then have the gall to preempt the program with: “Sharks, Lipless Wonders of the Ocean”
The NOISE! Part #1 (third showing)  Larry continues to make his obnoxious sound, proving once again that repetition is not the key to good comedy.
Science Bits #2: Water & the Weather (second showing) Dr. Chadwick demonstrates how good ol’ H2O works in nature’s weather cycle, regardless of taste.
Friday the 13th Part 87 (second showing)  Jason’s back, and full of angst.
        (Written by: James Seward)
Tell ‘em Opie Sent You Commercial (second showing) - Mayberry’s favorite miscreant tells an eager public about the best shopping values.
Black Hawk’s Vaults Part #1 (second showing) - Zippy Spamhammer eagerly awaits the opening of his most recent find, Chief Black Hawk’s vaults.  What treasures await inside?  We can only dream!... oh wait, this is some sort of hellish nightmare!
Arnie Sings Patsy Cline’s Greatest Hits (second showing) - A man, a dress, a song.  Need I say more?
Friday the 13th Part 93 (second showing) - Jason attempts to drown his sorrows.
        (Written by: James Seward)
Sport of the Week: Bother the Bunny (second showing) Watch the bunny get hurt.  Don’t you know we’re gonna, shock the bunny!
Black Hawk’s Vaults Part #2 (second showing) - Growing ever impatient, Zippy forces open the vaults to find?  King Tut’s tomb this ain’t.
GUMBO! (second showing) The great green-one trudges through the jungles of Asia in search of his prized pony pal.
Criminal of the Week (second showing) - Tut’s tomb came with a curse and Black Hawk’s vaults came with a price.
- Yes, there are only five episodes between this show and the “Best Of” show.  This is almost the half-way point in the run of Live on Tape.  I was getting burned out and needed a break, so I just put together another rerun show.  Being the boss has its advantages.
Costumes Provided By: Circa ‘21 and the Show Business
Producer - Thomas Hart
Directors - Greg Baldwin, Thomas Hart
Writer - Thomas Hart
Friday the 13th Parts 87 & 93 written by: James Seward
Larry Brennan
Mike Carron
Pat Flaherty
Patti Flaherty
Jennifer Hanson
Thomas Hart
John Horvath
Scott Hoyt
Brandon Lovested
Merlin Nelson Jr.
James Peterson
Alan Summers
Scott Tunnicliff
Bobbi-Sue Young
Video-Tape Editor and Field Camera Operator - Thomas Hart...and just who the hell is this guy anyway?!!!
Audio - Denise Hollmer
Prompter - Sue Passe
“If you feel kind of down in the mouth, then spit out the duck.”
©Copyright 1988, 2006 Thomas Hart
OUT TAKE #9  (Scott Tunnicliff stands in front of the camera making goofy faces)
    TOM (OS): Okay Scott, whenever you’re ready.