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Live on Tape (Show #19)
Airdate: November 21st 1987
SYNOPSIS - Ace news reporter, Zippy Spamhammer is sent into the field in search of the late, great Chief Black Hawk’s treasure vaults.  Meanwhile at the newsdesk, Guy and Arnie deliver more interesting news stories and even surprised the public when they get married...yes, married.  Now this is sick.
    “Big sweaty Mallo-Cups in a field, now that’s what I smell like!”
                 - Arnie K. Upshoe, finally admitting what we already knew.
“LIVE ON TAPE FIRSTS - The first mention of Mallo-Cups on the show and the first appearance of Nosey on “Uncle Joey’s Story Corner”.
Robert Munsing #2 - (The Man Who Hates Theatre)  Robert interviews famed critic Paul Torren, only to discover the man’s dislike for the stage.
Between the Lines - Guy gets Arnie worked up in a frenzy when he complains about how bad his greasy side-kick smells.
Arnie Looks Back - Arnie looks back on the hardships of life in 1862.
Iowa Driving Tips #1 - Sgt. Buck Montana demonstrates the proper way for Iowa Drivers to perform a right-hand turn...everybody clear the road!
Uncle Joey #2 - (The Man With No Home)  Uncle Joey starts off with a rousing bunch of exercises and then introduces his special guest, Nosey!  Unfortunately the festivities end here, because after reading the story, Joey is dragged off by the I.R.S. for tax fraud!  We then discover Nosey’s true identity!
Sport of the Week “Sport Biting” - (second showing)  They’re mean, they’re lean, they’re biting everyone.
        (Produced by: Greg Baldwin)
Criminal of the Week - Zippy is named “Criminal of the Week” after  breaking into Melvin Q. Pervis’ garage instead of Black Hawk’s vaults.
- I think this show demonstrates marked improvement from most of the ones preceding it.  There isn’t much newsdesk stuff and things move at a better pace.  But don’t think it’s over, there are plenty of crappy shows to come... remember this is only #19.
- “The Man Who Hates Theatre” bit was based on an actual incident.  One day, while at the TV station, Janos got in a conversation with Will McCracken, KLJB’s Farm Reporter.  Will asked Janos about what shows were playing at Circa ‘21 (the local dinner theatre).  As soon as Janos mentioned the title (Natalie Needs a Nighty) Will stood up and stormed out of the room without saying a word.  To this day, we still don’t know what happened.
- This was Nosey’s first appearance on the show and the start of something wonderful for Uncle Joey.  Janos performed the sock puppet in all the following shows.  This is one of two times that we get to see Janos’ face while he’s performing as Nosey. (The 2nd time is in the last episode #56)
- The “Criminal of the Week” skit was a take-off of KLJB’s “Officer of the Week” where they would recognize various noteworthy police personnel.  
Costumes Provided By:  Circa ‘21 and the Show Business
Producer - Thomas Hart
Directors - Greg Baldwin, Thomas Hart
Writer - Thomas Hart
Arnie’s Underwear Provided By: Ringling Bros. Inc.
Greg Baldwin
Don Bargmann Jr.
John Bielefeldt
Mike Carron
Patti Flaherty
Jennifer Hanson
Thomas Hart
John Horvath
Scott Hoyt
Brandon Lovested
Tim Miller
Merlin Nelson Jr.
Sue Passe
James Peterson
Mary Sue Tilka
Bobbie Sue Young
Video-Tape Editor - Thomas Hart
Studio Camera Operators - Steve Elliott, Kori Skinner
Audio - Denise Hollmer
Prompter - Sue Passe
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©Copyright 1987, 2006 Thomas Hart