Okay, so it’s not much of a store.  But behold!  Four DVDs of “Live on Tape” episodes that you, yes YOU can have in your home to enjoy with those you love... or those you hate... or those you hate to love but have to deal with on a daily basis.  It’s a cheesy blast from the past, like grampa after he’s eaten a big pasta dinner!
Live on Tape: Favorites Collection    DVD
$ 6.00
Two hours of classic “Live on Tape”, with five all-time favorite episodes, including the very last episode with the final sign-off montage overview of the series.  You’ll thrill watching E.J. turn everyone into zombies in “Night of the Living Crackerhorns”, you’ll gasp at the antics of Ron Dyne and the rest of the TWCQ Airlines crew as they plunge into the Bermuda Triangle, and you’ll upchuck with laughter when you see Guy and Arnie travel through time in “Guy and Arnie’s Crappy Adventure”.   All in the Live on Tape: Favorites  DVD collection.
Copyright © 1987, 2006 Thomas Hart
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More Live on Tape collections to come!
Live on Tape: Upshoeperman!    DVD
$ 6.00
You’ll cringe in bafflement at the exciting adventures of Upshoeperman in this trilogy!  Mild-mannered Arnie is tragically mutated by a radioactive burrito giving him super-powers... and a desire to sell used recreational vehicles!  Meanwhile Guy Newswarthy has been captured by the evil Dr. Mindboot who plans to take over the world with salad! 

Includes BONUS: Live on Tape blooper reel!
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Live on Tape: INVASION! From Another World!    DVD
$ 6.00
Aliens invade the Live on Tape studios, turning E.J. Crackerhorn into a cosmic destructor!  But Guy, Clive, and Arnie end up stranded in space when the studio gets sucked through a black hole!  The silliness abounds in these three episodes made with cutting-edge chroma key effects and expert styrofoam & paper plate spaceship technology!

Includes BONUS EPISODE: Arnie Gets Amnesia!
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Live on Tape: Clips n’ Bits - Oh!  The Humanity! Edition    DVD
$ 6.00
110 Minutes of clips, bits, moments and other silliness from all of Live on Tape.  This retrospective of the series was shown at the 20th reunion party this year!  After watching, it will have you screaming, “Oh!  The humanity!”  Well, probably not.  But it’d be cool if it did.
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